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Confidence Building VIP Coaching and Training Programme

“Managers, Professionals and Business Owners…

Are You Frustrated by Your Lack of Confidence? 

Then this VIP ‘360 Days to Total Confidence Programme’ is for You”

 93% of people lack confidence in some area of their life, at some point in their life.

Many high achievers have told me they secretly fear that someday people are going to find out they’re not that talented.

Often confidence deserts you when you need it most – when it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and make your next leap.

“Are more confident people than you enjoying better relationships, more influence, bigger opportunities, more money and more fun?”

 Do you want to stop feeling… 

  • You’re stuck because the next step might be a mistake
  • You’re holding yourself back from more personal, career and financial success
  • Your people skills socially, in meetings and presentations let you down
  • the business world is robbing your fulfilment, individuality and freedom
  • dealing with difficult personal and work relationships is stealing your time and energy
  • you’re succeeding at work but losing in life – you have no time to have fun and your personal relationships are suffering
  • you’ve tried making changes but you fall back into old negative habits
  • you’re in an uncomfortable comfort zone
  • you’re surrounded by negative or critical people
  • you’ve lost your sense of direction and life seems to be driving you
  • You’re battling with the recession and you might lose
  • More confident people than you are enjoying better relationships ,more influence, bigger opportunities, more money and more fun 

By Now, You’re Probably Wondering What Keeps You in the

Low-Confidence Trap?

You can’t logic yourself out of a lack of confidence

Have you notice how low-confidence seems so illogical? It doesn’t matter how often you tell yourself not to worry, ‘I’ve prepared’, ‘I’ve done this before and so it will be okay’, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen – I won’t die if it goes wrong!’ ‘They can only say, No’.

 The doubtful, exhausting, irritating voice inside your head asks, “What if it goes wrong?” “What if I make a mistake?” “What will they think of me?” “What if I haven’t prepared enough?” “What if I say the wrong thing?”

 Then when you give in to feeling nervous and stressed you don’t say what you think and you miss the opportunity to act. Afterwards you feel frustrated and stupid for feeling nervous, especially when someone else has grabbed the rewards for acting more courageously – they’ve got the partner, the promotion, the credibility, the experience, the wealth.

 You wonder, “Why can’t I do a simple thing like manage my nerves?”

 Why does that happen over and over again? Because…

 It’s difficult to feel more confident when you haven’t been shown HOW.

 You were taught how to manage your emotions by parents, teachers and others who didn’t have a clue how to do that properly. Nor did their parents and teachers…


Things which really hold us back are invisible to us.

Or rather, they leave clues that we need to learn to read before we can overcome them. For instance stress is often really a lack of confidence.

 You might be wondering whether it’s possible to change if you’ve been the same way most of your life.

 Read on to hear about my personal experience…

“So, How Can You Escape the Low-Confidence Trap?”

These days I run a successful business doing what I love, I feel confident taking on new challenges and speaking in public. I enjoy my relationships with my husband, family and friends.

 But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time in my life when I was stuck in a relationship rut and I didn’t have the courage to change it. I was in a job where my senior manager was holding me back but I didn’t challenge him. I was underpaid for what I contributed but I didn’t have the confidence to ask for more. I was shy with new people and easily intimidated by more assertive and aggressive ones. Sometimes I would hide my lack of confidence by being aloof, angry or defensive.

 Then I discovered personal development books and audio programmes. I started to do more adventurous things. I went to work abroad, learned to SCUBA dive (and teach others to dive too, in my spare time), made new friends from all over the world and met my husband.

 The only trouble was, I did all those things and still lacked confidence. I felt the fear and did those things anyway. My life had got more interesting but the anxiety was still there.

 Then I tried those intensive 3-7 day workshops where highly motivational speakers took 100s or 1000s of people on emotional roller coaster journeys of self discovery. I definitely experienced some break-throughs and had great fun. But I came down to earth with a bump once I got back to my own life and the supportive and energised atmosphere had gone.

 I wondered, ‘How can I get out of the low-confidence trap once and for all?’ 

 I’ve been on a long quest to discover the real secrets of natural confidence. I’ve easily invested more than £67K in the last 15 years to learn and experience more and more of these personal, business and professional development tools that I’ve used to help me make big changes in my life and the lives of my 893 clients.

 I’ve been thinking…

 Many clients expect coaching programmes to be 6-12 sessions long. But the clients who experience greater benefits stay longer. There’s a limit to what I can help you achieve in just 6-12 hours especially in these difficult times.

You tend to fall back into old, stressful ways of coping when there’s lots of bad news, people are feeling worried, you’re fighting fires at work and family life is very demanding.

 These days many successful coaches are reducing the time they spend on labour intensive 1-2-1 coaching and running group coaching instead. My business coach has been telling me to go that way too. But I know 1-2-1 is a better way for my clients.

 I want to offer a programme for professionals, managers and business owners, like you, who really want to stop short-changing yourself, get out of the ‘low-confidence’ trap and achieve your potential… and are willing to invest in yourself to do it.

 Then I asked myself, ‘What would be a complete package that would help you create your best years forever?’

“What Would Your Life Look, Sound and Feel Like if You Knew How to Create Your Best Years…Forever?”

 What if you could:

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Love, lead and live courageously
  • Enjoy career and business success on your own terms
  • Create the solutions others wish they’d thought of
  • Deal with difficult work and personal challenges confidently and skilfully
  • Get the financial rewards and recognition you deserve
  • Wake up feeling full of energy and vitality?

“With the Recession it has never been more important to give yourself the emotional, mental and skill advantage that this coaching programme can give you.”

 In these challenging times you need something special.

Here’s what I came up with…

The 360 Days to Total Confidence Programme

½ day Discovery Session – worth £597

We’ll find out life-changing answers to these key questions:

  • What are your strengths?
  • Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
  • What are the hidden forces holding you back from getting what you want in life?
  • What’s your individual blue print for success?

You’ll go away with:

  • A map for how you think and how that influences your behaviour and the results you get in  positive and negative ways
  • A personality profile showing you:
    •  your personal, work and leadership strengths,
    • what holds you back in those areas how others see you –
    • what motivates you in work
  • An inventory of your top skills
  • A map for increasing your confidence on 7 levels

We’ll use all this information to help you get rid of the road blocks in your way, improve your work and personal relationships and development your career/business plan and strengthen your confidence.

 ½ Day Breakthrough Session – worth £697

This is where:

  • We clear your mental and emotional decks and take out the rubbish, the:
    • difficult things that have happened to you in the past,
    • negative things you say to yourself
    • negative influence of others
    • bad habits such as procrastination
    • negative feelings like fear, anger, guilt, sadness and hurt
  • I’ll show you little-known short cuts to creating natural confidence.

Then you can dump the gremlins of the past and enjoy the present and the future

 ½ Day Strategy Session- worth £597

We put together action plans to create the wealth, work and personal life you really want.

  • Get a clear idea of the big and small things you want to achieve in your relationships, career, business, health, wealth, fun and contribution in life.
  • Prioritise your goals
  • Create a motivating personal and career/business development plan to achieve them

 12 Skill Building Sessions – worth £1197

Gain the Skills and Knowledge You Need to Get the Results You Want

Part of gaining confidence is about knowing what action to take in challenging situations. So, included in the programme are monthly webinars (or teleseminars) covering proven, effective and often little known tools and techniques to improve your key life skills. These practical skills will make your goals easier to achieve and you’ll be able to use them straightaway.

 When you master these skills you master your life.

And …You become invaluable to your organisation, family and friends. These are the kind of skills that help you recession-proof your business or career.

Here are the skills and some of the tools and tips you’ll discover:

  • Managing Your Self:
  1. Time management – how to get more done in less time, overcome procrastination, find out why hard work and positive thinking are not enough
  2. Decision making – how to make difficult decisions
  3. Presentation skills – discover how to communicate so others will listen, enhance your image and reputation, learn the secrets of the master public speakers
  4. Creative thinking – how to come up with ideas others wish they had thought of, discover how to be smarter than you think
  5. Wealth Mastery – discover why you’re not rich, gain the mindset that leads to wealth, discover key wealth creating strategies
  6. Health Mastery – how to strengthen your immune system, tools for total well-being and vitality, have the body you want

Managing Your Relationships with Others:

  1. Joint problem solving tools – empower your team and your family to solve problems together, instead of avoiding them or arguing about them
  2. Understanding the opposite sex – discover what you need to know to get the best out of your work and personal relationships
  3. Influencing – how to win cooperation, win people over to your ideas, how to be respected as a leader in your family, community and at work even if you don’t have an official title
  4.  Win-win negotiation skills – how to get the best deal every time
  5.  Selling skills – how to sell your ideas, skills, services and products without appearing to be selling,
  6. Dealing with difficult conversations – discover how to handle people’s control games and negative comments, how to give difficult feedback and news that’s received well.

 Then, I thought you need some elements designed to make the changes ‘stick’ so it becomes natural for you to feel and act confidently. These elements will provide the support, clarity and focus you need to keep taking action when life tries to pull you in different directions and draws you into fire fighting:

  • 4 hours of emergency 1-2-1 coaching to use when needed – worth £597

For instance you can use it for intensive skills training or for a big challenge/project that’s coming up.

  • 24 Momentum Sessions – worth £1797

-       Fortnightly, 30-minute coaching sessions, face-to-face, over the phone or Skype, to help you avoid procrastinating and getting distracted.

You’ll stay Motivated, Focussed and on Target to create the future you really want.

We’ll complete a goal sheet for each session so that you know what you need to do in the coming fortnight.

  • Ongoing email support – worth £698

This is for those times when you have a quick question you want to ask between sessions. Perhaps something unexpected has come up and you want some quick tips or encouraging words or honest helpful feedback.

  • 12 CD recordings, one for each of the monthly webinars – worth £567

So that you can quickly gain mastery while you listen in your car or on your lap top at times that fit into your busy life.

  • Daily motivational quotes delivered to your inbox via email with action points  - worth £397

  • 25% Discounts off my public workshops


That’s a total value is £6447

It’s worth even more when you think that the quality of your life is the quality of your emotions and of your relationships with your self and others.

Now, if that made you gulp, it was meant to. I’m looking for people who are serious about investing in their quality of life and who value high quality material.

What’s the Investment I’m Actually Asking of You?

I’m willing to reward you for you commitment,  meet you part of the way and offer you the programme at:

  • £4997

AND That's Not All...

You don't even have to pay all at once!

If you sign up today, you can also opt to pay for your Total Confidence Programme in easy monthly installments – when you promise to be totally committed to the process. You can choose:

  • 6 x monthly installments of £897 or
  • 10 x monthly installments of £547

 N.B. This offer only lasts until the end of the month

 Now, because I want to give you my quality time and energy there are only 24 places on the programme this coming year.

“This Programme isn’t for Everyone” 

This Total Confidence Programme isn’t for everyone. To check if you’re ready, I’ve created an application questionnaire for you to complete.  Just by completing it you’ll get some valuable insights. Together, we’ll look at your answers and decide if you want Total Confidence now or whether you postpone Total Confidence for some time in the future.

Email to get a questionnaire sent to you. Or type your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page in a Word document and email them to:

It’s safe to apply because your questionnaire doesn’t commit you to joining the programme

“The Quality of  Your Life is the Quality of  Your Emotions and Your Relationships” 

So do you want to continue to see people with more confidence than you enjoying better relationships, more influence, bigger opportunities, more money and more fun?

Or do YOU want to have the power to get rid of self-doubt, negativity and stress?

In this VIP Total Confidence Programme you are getting the power of £67,000 worth of research, 15 years of experience and 893 more confident clients to help you create all the personal, financial and career success you want.


When you promise to be committed, I am totally cpnfident I can make you confident with this programme. This is my passion and I take what I do and the results I get very seriously. So if you don’t get the confidence and skill you need to achieve your goals, then I will give you a full no questions asked refund. I wouldn't work any other way.

 I’m looking forward to working with you

To your confidence

Warm wishes


P.S. Remember: If you sign up today, you can also opt to pay for your Total Confidence Programme in easy monthly installments

  • 6 x monthly installments of £897 or
  • 10 x monthly installments of £547

N.B. This offer only lasts until the end of the month

There are only 24 places on the programme this year.

 Email to get a questionnaire sent to you. Or type your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page in a Word document and email them to:

It’s safe to apply because your questionnaire doesn’t commit you to joining the programme.

P.P.S: Still unsure? Just take a quick look at what my clients say.

"Madeleine is an exceptional coach. Very quickly she expanded my thinking way beyond the limits I had set for myself and not only gave me practical step-by-step advice that moved me forward in my career, my business and my personal development. She also revealed to me the things I was doing in my head that were preventing me from enjoying the success I'd already achieved. In a very short time, and as a direct result of Madeleine's coaching

- My confidence soared

- I secured an interview for the job of my dreams

- I got really clear on a part-time business I wanted to build

On top of all this, the process, wisdom and expertise she brought to the coaching allowed me to make changes in myself that deepened my relationship with my girlfriend, improved my interpersonal skills with colleagues at work and most important of all, given me an ongoing realisation that this whole journey is exciting and enjoyable.”

Ben Green, Marketing Manager


'I wanted to leave my job as I felt my career was going nowhere. Madeleine helped me take back control. First we clarified what I really wanted to do. Then, we worked on strategies to build confidence, unlock my creativity and develop leadership and communication skills. Now I've got a great new job and I honestly believe I wouldn't have done it half so well without my Life Coach.'

Joan Herbert, PhD, Business Development Manager, Cambridge

 “I’ve experienced so many benefits from Madeleine’s coaching. I now have more confidence and skill to run my business in ways that help me have more fun, more profit and more time. Rather than my business driving me, I feel more in control.

Some of the many results of our coaching sessions are that I’ve:

  • Raised my prices and improved the way I market, sell and tender my services
  • Discovered more about what’s important to me and how to take my business in a direction that will give me the lifestyle I want
  • Developed ways of dealing with difficult people, work and personal situations that have stopped them being a drain on me

Time spent with Madeleine energises me for the rest of the week. The coaching sessions help me to deal with challenges more creatively and faster. So, I spend more time on what I really care about - my family, friends and clients.”

Diane Wright, Anglia Wright Advice, Health and Safety Consultancy

 “I have enjoyed working with Madeleine – she has provided focus, ideas, structure and achievable action plans to help with my business progression.
Going from corporate life to running my own business was difficult. Helping me to overcome the obstacles blocking my thought processes, meant I achieved significant progress in a relatively short period of time, rather than procrastinating and getting bogged down with trivia.
Madeleine has provided a number of great ideas to enhance my business plan, drawing on her knowledge and experience. I have also learnt some valuable tips to enhance my business tool kit through the NLP techniques she uses.
One of the most powerful lessons learnt, is how to deal with difficult people – an invaluable seminar run by Madeleine. This was thought provoking, structured and fun!
Working with Madeleine will enhance your business and give you more confidence to deal with life!”

Aegean Thomson, Business Owner and Events Coordinator, Event Wishes

 “Working with Madeleine has given me so much more than I could ever have imagined when I committed to the coaching process. She guides, mentors, encourages, motivates, teaches and inspires. She has shown me new ways to strengthen my marketing messages and come up with countless new ideas to develop my business. Looking at what I was doing through someone else’s eyes and with her creative expertise, has put a different spin and focus on where I expend my energies. I am reaping tremendous benefits. I have more clarity, focus and direction. Her ideas library knows no bounds. Madeleine imparts all this with great wisdom, coupled with humour; it’s an enjoyable process and quite addictive!”

Isobel Read, Business Owner

 “Hi Madeleine,

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for sharing your sales conversation with me - I made my first sale today at £799!    

Looking forward to our call tomorrow.”


Jane Bennett

P.P.P.S. Email to get a questionnaire sent to you. Or type your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page in a Word document and email them to:

It’s safe to apply because your questionnaire doesn’t commit you to joining the programme

 Total Confidence Programme Application Questionnaire

1.    What’s your primary motivation in applying for this programme?

  • Build my business
  • Create more career success
  • Enjoy more fulfiling personal relationships
  • other

2.     How much personal investment training have you invested in? Select one

  • None
  • I’ve read some books and listened to CDs
  • I’ve been on a short workshop
  • I’ve been on many courses

3.      Can I count on you to be 100% present -- positive, attentive, with a can-do attitude and willingness to learn - if you are selected to attend?

4.      YOUR PERSONAL VISION: Please use the space below to tell me how your life will change if you’re accepted on this programme: 200 words or less

  • What are your financial goals for the next 5 years?
  • What life style would you like?
  • What are your personal goals?
  • What will you achieve in your business or career?
  • What treats (gadgets, holidays, experiences etc.) will you buy yourself?
  • How will you give back to your family and community?

5.     If there was only one place left on the Total Confidence Programme, why should you be chosen? 

6.    When you have reached your goals with Total Confidence, can I use your success story to inspire others? Yes/no

7.    What is the best time to contact you by telephone?



* Please note, if we can't reach you within 24 hrs of trying to contact you, we will move onto the next prospective candidate. So, it's in your best interest to provide us with as much contact information as possible!

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Primary email address
  • Mobile
  • Postal address
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