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How to Confidently Stand Out from the Crowd: Confidence Tip 136

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How to Confidently and Profitably Stand Out from the Crowd in Your Business or Career

If you’re struggling to get clients for your business or your career has stalled, this week’s success tip about standing out from the crowd will be useful to you.

These days it’s not enough to be good at what you do, if you want to your success to last, though it can certainly help.

What makes me say that? I’ve met plenty of competent people out there who are grinding their teeth because less competent people have been promoted above them or have more successful businesses. Maybe you’re one of them?

On Wednesday (7th October), supermarket giant Tesco made a cry for (Every Little) help, after revealing a 55% plunge in profits.Tesco’s half year profits dropped to £354million compared to £779million in the same period last year.

Britain’s “Big Four” supermarkets have been hit hard by the rising popularity of the discount stores like Aldi and Lidl in recent years.

 And this got me thinking. Is there more that Tesco – and any other business in fact – can do to make themselves stand out from their competition in ways that are important to customers?

Okay, so they’re losing out on a price war; but could they add something else into the mix to make their customers loyal. After all, iPhones are by no means the cheapest in the market but, for millions of people, iPhones are THE must-have smart phones. There’s plenty about those iPhones that make them stand out from the crowd.

What will be interesting to watch is how Tesco attempt to bounce back from this blow.

There will definitely be some lessons about career and business success, from their journey, that we can all learn from.

“Today we’re living in an anti-Waldo world, where you don’t want to blend in and have people struggle to find you. You want your personal brand to stand out like you’re wearing a red and white sweater, and everyone else has on black.” Jarod Kintz

In the meantime here are 3 top tips to help you stand out from the crowd in competitive business and career situations. Implement them and you’ll raise your visibility, get increased credibility and open up more opportunities:

  1. When someone asks, ‘What do you do?’ have something different, motivating, interesting, intriguing or powerful to say. When people ask me what I do, I don’t say that I’m a life and business coach straightaway, I sometimes say, ‘I help people overcome life’s work and personal challenges confidently and skilfully so they can achieve their personal, career or business goals.’ If I’m feeling a bit more inspirational, I might say, ‘I’m a life transformer!’ That gets some interesting conversations going. What could you say? For instance:
  2. Are you just an IT support engineer or, ‘part of the 4th emergency service’?
  3. Are you a just a recruitment consultant or a person who, ‘can help businesses grow by helping managers choose the right staff’?
  4. Are you just a security expert or are you a person who knows how to, ‘annoy burglars’?
  5. Are you just a project manager or are you ‘an expert at getting projects completed on time and on budget, more easily’?
  6. ?
  7. Do extra things that add value to your business, your colleagues or your clients, and that mark you, or your business, out as especially valuable.
  8. For instance, if you’re in a customer facing role you probably discover information that would be useful your employer’s marketing or product development departments. So, pass it on.
  9. If you’re business is a trade, such as a builder, plumber or landscape gardener, send your customers useful texts with seasonal advice such as precautions to take when the weather turns frosty.
  10. ?
  11. Tell people the value you can add or have added.
  12. Make sure your business marketing gives more information about the benefits to your clients of your product or service than it gives space to your company logo.
  13. Your career CV needs to be more than a catalogue of roles and tasks. It needs to be about the things you’ve achieved for your employer and the value you’ve added.
  14. Raise your profile through public speaking, your Linkedin profile, making useful contributions at meetings and getting your knowledge into print, for instance.

 What’s your next step to becoming more successful in your personal, business and career?

Discover some more choices below.

‘Madeleine Morgan Life, Career and Business Coaching, Cambridge UK

Warm wishes, Madeleine

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Quotes of the Week about Standing Out from the Crowd

  •  “In a competitive crowded world market, it's the well positioned brand that Stands Out!” Bernard Kelvin Clive
  • “Greatness begins to wane when you start trying to blend in rather than stand out.” Constance Chuks Friday
  • "Because everyone is doing it doesn't make it right and because you stand out doesn't make it wrong. Just find a path that you can defend.” Temi Sholeye
  • “All people are standing; you got to standout! …Don't settle for less; rise up and stand tall in what you do!” Israelmore Ayivor
  • “Take a chance to standout. You can only have your head above water if you stick your neck out a bit. It's time to take off... Dare to rise!”.” Israelmore Ayivor

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