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Are You False Accounting in Your Life? Confidence Tip #83

Here’s your Confidence Tip for this week.

Building Self Confidence Life Coaching CambridgeThe other day I was reading the financial papers and I came across a thought provoking editorial in Money Week. Before you yawn and click away, hear me out. This is important…

The author was commenting that people were celebrating the fact that the UK’s GDP had hit pre-crisis levels. She then went on to debunk the notion of GDP as an accurate measure of the nation’s prosperity.

One example she gave is that if you knock down a city and rebuild it to the same specifications, you’d see no rise in real wealth but you would see a rise in GDP.

Another was that in a GDP figure, there is no distinction between ‘good growth’ (such as companies creating better products and exporting more) and ‘bad growth’ (such as the extra bomb-making that comes with war). GDP doesn’t take into account how much growth is debt-fuelled and could lead to a crash.

The article got me thinking: could there be other ways we might be deluding ourselves with false accounting? For instance:

  • As a business owner, are you dazzled by your high turnover figure and ignoring that fact that you’re really making a loss or that your poor cashflow could mean you go bankrupt before you get paid?
  • Or is your successful career or business actually costing you in stress and lost quality time with friends and family?
  • Has ‘winning’ an argument actually lost you a great relationship?
  • Do you think the ‘comfort zone’ is less scary when actually by staying inside it you’re losing lots of opportunities and making things worse?
  • Do you believe that trying and failing is worse than not trying?
  • Or…?

Your Actions This Week

  • Click here to access a Life Wheel exercise  – it’s a great way to do some realistic accounting of your business, career and/or personal life and regain some focus on what’s really working and what is not.
  • Rinse and repeat that exercise every 3-6 months
  • Take advantage of the free Coaching Discovery Session that’s in the Life Wheel document.

“I attended a Discovery Session with Madeleine as I had various aspects of my life to balance and I wanted another person’s perspective on how best to do that. Having heard of Madeleine’s vast experience in Life Coaching, I decided it was time to act! This kind of session was a first for me so I was a bit wary. I would like to point out that Madeleine is extremely easy to speak to and open up to. From the initial sit down at the session, I found her a great listener and genuinely interested in helping. She gave suggestions as to how I can change things which could make a huge impact for me. I would happily recommend Madeleine to anyone who may need direction, guidance or advice in any aspect of life whether work, social or personal.” Ollie Hine, Cambridge

Madeleine Morgan Life Coach and Confidence Coach CambridgeWarm wishes



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Quote of the Week

“Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job, but with you.” Mandy Hale


How to Break Out of Analysis Paralysis: Confidence Tips #71

Building Self Confidence Life Coaching Cambridge Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to make a personal, career or business decision?

Relax…analysis paralysis is an age-old problem. Even Aesop had something to say about it in his story of the Fox and the Cat.

The fox boasts that he has hundreds of ways of escaping from the hounds while the cat has only one. When they hear the hounds approaching, the cat scrambles up a tree to safety while the fox is so confused by all his choices he is paralysed into inaction and gets caught by the hounds.

If you’re experiencing analysis paralysis right now, what could be some of the reasons? Here are some of the things my clients have realised. Perhaps you can relate to them? You’ve:

  • been trying to juggle too much information in your head
  • listed the pros and cons and they’ve come out fairly evenly – whatever you decide, you’re going to lose something important and gain something important to you
  • got a fear that you’ll make the wrong choice and end up in big trouble
  • had bad experiences with making impulsive choices, or even considered ones, and you don’t trust your judgement any more
  • consulted friends, colleagues and family and they have so many conflicting opinions, or demands, that you’ve become thoroughly confused
  • got to find out more about what you really want before you can make a decision
  • not got the right decision making processes

The trouble is, as the fox found out, not making a decision can be just as dangerous and making one.

So, how can we regain our sense of steadiness, decisiveness and confidence when we need to make a big decision?

Here are 7 ideas for overcoming analysis paralysis my clients have found useful:

  1. Write down your thoughts – they are easier to deal with when they’re on paper
  2. Sort out if your fears are related to a pattern you have of catastrophising or whether there is some good reason for caution
  3. If it’s a pattern, talk to someone skilled (like a Life Coach :)) who can help you break the catastrophising pattern, clear the negative effects of any past bad decisions and help you build your confidence
  4. Talk through your options with someone who is skilled at being objective and can help you get clarity about your best choices (like a Life Coach :) )
  5. Every decision has some risk attached to it so work out plan B and
  6. Build skills that allow you to face any challenge resourcefully
  7. Make decisions at the right level. For instance, sometimes you can’t know what to DO because you need to know what’s really IMPORTANT TO YOU first

Have a Difficult Decision to Make and Want to Discover more? Try this:

1-2-1 Complimentary ‘Make a Big Decision’ Coaching Discovery Session

If you could confidently change one thing in your personal, career or business life, what would it be? I have 2 complimentary spaces for 1-2-1 Discovery Sessions this month. During that session, we’ll discuss where you are in your business, career or personal life. We’ll uncover hidden barriers to your success. We’ll get clear on how you’d like your life to be. Then I’ll show you how you can bridge that gap. You’ll go away feeling positive, excited and certain about your next steps.

If you would like to apply for a session, just email

"I recently had a discovery session with Madeleine, and I was blown away by how valuable it was. The questions she asked not only helped me get clear on what I truly wanted to create in my life but also how I could easily do it. Having been coached by many people in my 8 years of business I can honestly say that Madeleine is an amazing coach and truly brilliant at what she does. If you get a chance to have a Discovery Session with her I would jump at it because you’ll get so much out of the session – I know I did. Thanks Madeleine." Melina Abbott

Madeleine Morgan Life Coach and Confidence Coach CambridgeWarm wishes


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Quote of the Week

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter F Drucker

“Don't even leap to actions and decisions before you've found that sense of natural calm, well-being, or enthusiasm.” Frederick Dodson

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