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7 Things to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up: Confidence Tip 148


Life Coaching and Confidence CoachingI chuckled when I was sent this funny quote recently: “If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.”

Actually, I’ve tried skydiving and you get lots of practice jumping out of the plane where the parachute opens automatically, before you graduate to pulling the rip cord yourself.

But…the joke got me thinking.

Many people who are successful in their personal, career and business lives achieve great things because they keep trying when ordinary mortals would give up.

Did you know:

  1. For many years, Jay-Z couldn’t get signed to record labels? Now his records have earned him millions
  2. Bill Gates’s first business failed?
  3. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old?
  4. Richard Branson has dyslexia?
  5. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times to create a light bulb before he succeeded? He said, ‘I haven’t failed, I’ve just found a thousand ways that won’t work.’
  6. Kris Carr turned her cancer into an inspirational business?
  7. Steven Spielberg couldn’t get into the film school he wanted to attend?

So how did they gain the determination and confidence to persist on the dark nights of the soul when nothing was going to plan or certain people were telling them to quit or they just wanted to give up?

How to Stay Confident and Determined When You Want to Give Up

Here are 7 Tips to help you stay confident and determined when you want to give up:

  1. If people are resisting your ideas and plans, it’s possible it’s because you need to improve your communications skills. Add to your influencing, sales, marketing, presentation or negotiation skills so that you can help people be more open to your thoughts, views and schemes.
  2. Remind yourself that the darkest hour is often before the dawn – in other words, you might be just about to make a breakthrough. And…you’ve probably got a great track record of overcoming difficulties.
  1. Stay focussed on what you want to achieve – you tend to see most obstacles when you take your eye off your goal and switch to what’s in the way of it. Reviewing your written goals regularly and creating a vision poster are a couple of ways to keep your objectives in mind.
  1. Treat setbacks as opportunities to learn things that will help you succeed in future rather than using them to confirm that you’re a failure. When we were babies we had to fall over numerous times in our quest to learn to walk. All those falls were lessons about balance – necessary experiences for our eventual success.
  1. Have realistic expectations. Plants wouldn’t grow if farmers took them out of the ground every 5 minutes to check if the roots were growing. Give your actions time to reap their fruit and build momentum.
  1. Find ways to enjoy the journey or set goals where you can enjoy the journey. If your life is always about the end result or you set goals that involve lots of actions you hate, you create for yourself a life of hard grind.
  1. Be flexible about the way you get your goals achieved. Sometimes our habits of thinking and behaviour get in the way of our goals. Try new ways of thinking, new approaches and different actions. A life coach can help you make these changes faster and more easily.

Madeleine Morgan Life, Career and Business Coaching, Cambridge UKWhat’s your next step to becoming more persistent?

Warm wishes, Madeleine

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Quote of the Week about Determination and Adversity

“All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Walt Disney


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"I've just read Madeleine's 'The Success Ladder' over the weekend. What a great easy and effective guide for any aspiring leader. It's very easy to read and most importantly the actions are very powerful which I've already started to implement. Thank you Madeleine and I look forward to sharing my success with you :-)" Adrian Peck





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