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How Coaching Can Help You Succeed with Confidence: Confidence Tip 145

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The Power of a Coach and Coaching to Help You Succeed Faster, More Easily and More Confidently

The other day I met a manager of his own business and team who was telling me how he was struggling to grow his business.

He had gone into business because he enjoyed what he did and he wanted to be his own boss. But…his enthusiasm for it was quickly draining away. Money, time and team issues were just some of the things he was struggling with.

Out of curiosity, I asked him how much training and coaching he had invested in to help him understand how to build a business and manage his team. He replied that he’d had no training or coaching.

“Aah,” I said. You’re paying ‘Ignorance Tax’!

“What’s ‘Ignorance Tax’?” he asked curiously. (No, he didn’t punch me in the face for being so direct.

I replied, “Basically, ‘Ignorance Tax’ is the cost to you of not knowing something.

 For instance, it could be the:

  • difference between what money you’re earning and what you

            could be earning

  • extra time it takes you to succeed because you’ve decided to learn from your mistakes rather than getting training and coaching
  • extra frustration, stress and energy you’ve had to spend learning things the hard way.

“And you’re not alone,” I reassured him.

It’s odd the way we recognise the need to get qualifications for what we do as a trade or profession and yet attempt some of the other important things in life as amateurs and expect to get great resultsisn’t it?

For instance, have you ever:

  • Got into personal relationships (dating, marriage, parenthood) without relationship training beyond what you’ve discovered haphazardly from your family and friends etc.?
  • Delivered important presentations without presentation skills training?
  • Tried to become more confident without knowing how your mind and emotions work?
  • Become a manager without training in how to bring the best out in a team?
  • Or…?

If so, what level of ‘Ignorance Tax’ has that cost you in time, money and stress?

This Week’s Action Step

Remember‘Life’s too short to learn from all your mistakes.’Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to identify where a lack of training or coaching is costing you too much ‘Ignorance Tax’ and take steps to avoid paying it. Below are a few ideas.

I’d like to offer you a free, confidential ‘Best Year Yet’ Coaching Discovery Session

I have 4 sessions to give away in March. 

During that 45-60 minute session:

  • We’ll discuss where you are with your personal, career or business life.
  • We’ll uncover hidden barriers to your success.
  • We’ll get clear about how you’d like your life to be.
  • Then I’ll show you how you can bridge that gap. You’ll go away feeling positive, excited and confident about making 2016 your best year yet.

If you would like to apply for a session, just email

Hurry to book your place because there are only 4 places and this offer is going to over 1600 people.

Madeleine Morgan Life, Career and Business Coaching, Cambridge UK

Warm wishes


P.S. Check out the Dates for Your Diary and ‘Useful Links’ to life changing free ‘stuff’ below.


Dates for Your Diary

  1. Wednesday 18th May 2016 Business Growth Coaching Programme

I’ve teamed up with business consultant, Tim Gale, and we’ll be launching our 12th Business Growth Programme on Wednesday 18th May at 4.30 p.m. If you live in the Cambridgeshire or Suffolk area and you’re interested in growing your business this year, in the run up to the launch we’d like to offer you a free Double Your Profits Strategy Session. In this session, we’ll discuss where your business is now and where you’d like it to be in 1 to 5 years’ time. We’ll share with you how we think you could achieve the lifestyle and business you really want.

To apply for your free Double Your Profits Strategy session, click here.

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