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60 Seconds to Confidence tip #6

Have you noticed how as individuals, groups, organisations and even nations we seem to over-complicate things – even when we say we want to make things simpler?

I was recently reminded of the story about the early days in the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union, both of whom were desperately trying to be the first to to land a spacecraft on the moon.

A key to making this happen was the gathering of quality information. The astronauts played a vital part in gathering and, most of all, recording this information.

But they hit a problem. When there is no gravity the ink in pens could not flow. This was a major challenge to be solved. The US Government poured millions of dollars into funding a project with a well-known pen company. They developed a pen, which had a mini pump action that allowed the astronauts to record their critical notes in space. I bought someone a gift of a ‘space’ pen a few years ago – it was a sleek and fun piece of technology. Ingenious! But…

The Soviet Union on the other hand solved the problem in a simpler, more cost effective and ingenious way. They gave their astronauts pencils!

So you see, sometimes you can spend a lot of time, money and energy – not to mention frustration - trying to find the solution to something that’s already there. Finding that out sometimes means getting way from the emotion and pressure of it all and investing in talking to someone who can help you get those Blinding Flashes of the Obvious.

Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership MentorWhat’s right under your nose that will help you solve your problems today?

Warm wishes

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60 Seconds to Confidence tip #5

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p>Success Tips for ManagersValentine’s Day has got me thinking about love – whether we call it romance, connection, rapport, understanding, team spirit, appreciation, caring, customer service or…?

So much of our success in our business, career and personal lives depends on how much love we have in our lives, so here are some ways to increase that precious thing.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel more love when I give more love whether that’s:

  • A kiss and a Valentine’s Day card for my husband
  • Thanking a supplier for their exceptional service and how they’ve helped me – perhaps writing a testimonial for them or recommending them to others
  • Going out of my way to connect two people in my contact sphere so they can benefit in their business, career or personal life
  • Remembering a client’s birthday or going the extra mile for them
  • Keeping in touch with relatives and friends even when I’m really busy
  • Supporting a good cause
  • Doing a good deed for a stranger
  • Reflecting back to friends, colleagues, and others, their great qualities
  • Listening openly, supportively and non-judgementally
  • Looking after myself – my health and well being so that I can feel the rewards of my hard work and have the energy to keep giving.
  • Allowing myself to accept the love and support of others.

Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership MentorThe list could be endless. The powerful thing is that the more we sincerely give, the more comes back to us.

How will you increase the love in your life today and all your days to come?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Warm wishes


60 Seconds to Confidence tip #4

Success Tips for ManagersI was listening to the BBC news last week and a journalist commented that one reason why there was such a cynical attitude to the EU in the UK is that we don’t think of ourselves as European. So we regard legislation coming out of Brussels as interference. I’m sure that debate will run and run but he definitely hit the nail on the head when he identified that how we think of ourselves is crucial to the successof our goals, our projects, our business, our career and our personal life.For example, the most successful business owners I’ve coached are the ones that first and foremost, grow to think of themselves as Entrepreneurswho happen to run a business providing a particular product or service, rather than thinking of themselves as primarily a Technical Expert related to the product or service they provide – whether they started out as a lawyer, accountant, a builder, graphic designer or….They are comfortable with being Marketers and Salespeople or at least make sure those things get done.

The most successful owner managers and managers (and parents) I’ve coached are ones that think of themselves as Leaders and Empowerers of People For them, people problems are not things that get in the way of real work and life. They relish forging high performing teams and are fascinated by learning all they need to succeed.

When I’ve coached individuals and teams in negotiation and influencing skills, I’ve often found they start out by thinking of a good Haggler as the person they need to be. During the programme they’ve discovered that Win-win Negotiator is a better person to be for creating effective and fulfilling work and personal relationships.

How you think of yourself and the role models you choose influence all your actions, how you spend your time, the skills you are willing to invest in learning and ultimately your results and quality of life. How do you need to think of yourself to achieve your goals?

Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership MentorHave a great week!

Warm wishes



60 Seconds to Confidence tip #3

Success Tips for ManagersBecause our thoughts guide our actions and our actions get us results, if you think what you’ve always thought, you’ll find that you’ll get what you’ve always got.

When you weed out limiting beliefs and thoughts, you’ll gain a massive amount of energy, inspiration and time to succeed in your business, career and personal life.

What do limiting beliefs sound like? Well they go through your head in a critical, negative or anxious tone. They sometimes get louder when we’re about to step out of our comfort zone. They can creep into the minds of even the most resourceful and talented people. Some examples are:

  • It’s too difficult…
  • I have to achieve on my own…only failures ask for help
  • I haven’t got time to…
  • I have to…
  • They make me feel…
  • I can’t afford to…
  • It’s bad to make mistakes
  • They’ll probably be critical of me…or refuse to…

Some more empowering beliefs and thoughts are:

“I’ll find a way to…” “I want to…” “I can choose how I feel” “It’s sensible to ask for help” “There’s always time and money to do what’s really important” “The only failure is the failure to learn useful things for the future” “There are no inflexible people, only inflexible communicators”.

These empowering beliefs can be challenging to act on yet the actions they inspire are often really successful.

One way to get rid of limiting beliefs is to find evidence that makes them seem ridiculous.

The quality of our lives is the quality of our thoughts, so pick the empowering ones that will help you create the business, career and personal life you really want!

Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership MentorWarm wishes






60 Seconds to Confidence tip #2

Success Tips for ManagersHere's your 60 Seconds to Confidence Tip for this week.

If you share your goals with your colleagues, friends, family, clients, suppliers and other members of your ‘Life Team’, in a way that inspires them to support you, then they’ll be more willing to share with you their contacts, knowledge and other resources that will help you get there quicker.

What untapped resources lie in your ‘Life Team’?

Who could you add to your 'Life Team' to support you?

Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership MentorHave a great week!

Warm wishes




60 Seconds to Confidence tip #1

If you discover what will really makes you feel happy and successful and set business, career and personal goals you really care about (rather   than ones other people think you ought to achieve), then you’ll be less likely to procrastinate, more likely to succeed and more likely to enjoy your life when you achieve them.


If you’re in the mood for reflection and planning, this time of year is a great one for a life review. I’ve included below a Life Wheel exercise which will help you get clear about the business, career and personal goals you want to set.

  Warm wishes


Madeleine Morgan Success Coach for Managers

Life Wheel Exercise

For each section of the Wheel of Life:

  • List the positive and negative aspects of your current situation. What are you putting up with?
  • Give a score out of 10 for how well you think this part is going - 10 means very well and 1 means not well at all.
  • Draw an arc in each section of the wheel that represents how well you think it is going. If all the sections scored 10 then your wheel would look like the circle in the diagram – because each section’s arc would be drawn at 10.
  • List what you would like to be happening… positive statements about what you want.

 Life Wheel

Complimentary Discovery Session

What would you like your wheel to look like? If you’d like to make this year your best year yet, call Madeleine now on 01223 426392 or email  to book a free and confidential Discovery Session. We’ll explore where you are now and where you’d like to be. Then we’ll create a plan to help you bridge the gap. You’ll go away feeling more clear, confident and motivated about the future.

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