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Building Self Confidence at Work- What Skills do you Need?

A client came to me a few months ago because he felt unhappy and stressed at work. Although he'd got a promotion to manager level in an IT company he was beginning to doubt if he was in the right job. Should  he take a year off? Should he try something completely different - retrain. Or should he apply somewhere else? He wasn't sure.

When I asked him a few searching questions we found that actually he loved his work and his company was good but he needed more communication skills to help him get the best out of his team and achieve the results he was expected to get. He also needed to get more curious about people and situations instead of feeling he had to react straightaway. I find this happens a lot. People think they need to change a situation when they actually need to get more skills and information.

So I shared with some powerful NLP skills with him that helped him to recognise different communication styles and adapt what he said to get his message across.

Then I showed him a model to help him create win-win outcomes when people had conflicting points of view with each other or himself.

Later we created a problem solving model so he would know the best action to take when difficult issues came up. I taught him some great questions so that he could accurately diagnose a situation before prescibing the action to take.

With every session we're adding to his tool box of communication skills and his confidence and results are improving so now he looks forward to going into work. What's next on our list? Giving difficult feedback so that he can help his team improve while stopping them from getting defensive.

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