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A Common Mistake that Causes Lack of Confidence and How to Solve It

A Common Mistake that can Cause Lack of Confidence is Failing to Learn the Skills You Need to Succeed

It’s odd how we instinctively know it’s wise to go to a driving instructor before we drive our first car yet we attempt to do many other important things in life without learning the skills that lead to success.

For instance, we try to:

  • present without learning presentation skills training,
  • ü  negotiate without negotiation skills training,
  • ü  make a relationship work without understanding how different personalities need to be communicated with and how to repair things when they go wrong,
  • invest thousands of £££ in technical skills without learning sales, marketing, networking, people leading and other essential skills that help us make a healthy profit from our products and services,
  • get promoted at work without influencing and interview skills,
  • try to feel calm, motivated and confident when we haven’t got the foggiest idea how to get rid of our stress, anger and nerves

Somehow we expect these skills to come naturally. Then we blame ourselves for failing instead of blaming ourselves for not learning!

Solution 5 – Invest in Training and Coaching

Research shows that the most successful and confident people in all areas of life invest in understanding how they tick, learning the secrets of the great communicators and how confident people control their emotions when the going gets tough.

They tend to invest between 4% and 10% of their income on personal development.

And, I mean invest – one of my business clients brought in an extra £35,000 a year in profit just because of one influencing principle I taught her.  Another client saved hours of time and stress by using this principle with his kids and his team at work.

I have a personal and business development budget invest in courses and coaching that helps me grow and become more resourcefu. I have invested tens of thousands of pounds over the years. Every time I have, I’ve experienced huge returns on my investment financially and in personal and professional fulfilment.

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Quick Help to Build Self-Confidence for Business Owners and Self-Employed People

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p>Many people who have been made redundant are using their redundancy money to free themselves from the shackles of a job and set up in business. What starts as a dream of creating the dream lifestyle with all the free time, money, freedom from the boss etc. can actually feel tougher than they bargained for. It involves a steep learning curve and 90% of businesses fail in the first 16 months.  Which is a shame because when it works it's fantastic. I work with a lot of self-employed people to help them build the business skills and confidence they need and I was moved recently when I opened up an email to find this testimonial in it

"I have been a bit  on the quiet side this past couple of weeks and I have to admit have had a 'crisis in confidence'!! Found the goal setting  and networking all a bit overwhelming and rather daunting  as it is quite new to me and I am at the beginning of my Business set up journery. However, have picked myself up and have to say a huge thanks to Madeleine Morgan and her paper 'How to Avoid 7 of the Mistakes We Make When We Lack Confidence .....' . This couldn't have been more timely and certainly helped me to acknowledge my own self destructive inner talk I had been wallowing in. One of the key points that helped me turn the corner  was Mistake one: 'Making Unrealistic Comparisions between Ourselves and Others."

Whatever situation you are in, if you need some quick tips on how to build your self-confidence go to and sign up for the free report. And carry on creating your dream!


Dealing with Difficult People Made Easier

There is a very challenging saying that there are no difficult people, only inflexible communicators. I don't know if it's true in all circumstances but I like to live as if it is. It stops me feeling the victim of other people I find difficult and empowers me by motivating me to find the secret communication keys that will help me create win-win situations out of win-lose ones. I've found some great tools to help people become more flexible communicators and I'm going to share them in a workshop later this month and in April. The details are below:

Is Dealing with Difficult People Stealing Your Time and Energy and Even Your Wealth?


Then this “Dealing with Difficult People Made Easier” workshop is designed for you


Discover how to stop these people holding back your business, professional or personal life.

Take away tools and strategies that will help you:

  • get the best out of your team and your colleagues
  • improve client relationships,
  • make selling easier
  • make your personal life a joy
  • and your career or business more rewarding


Among many other things you’ll discover how to:

  • § Recognise classic types of difficult people and strategies for handling them
  • § Resolve conflict and create win-win outcomes
  • § Prepare for challenging situations and avoid escalating them further
  • § Develop rapport quickly and easily
  • § Deliver difficult feedback confidently and skilfully
  • § Read special clues in the body language, voice tones and words people use
  • § Learn assertive skills and behaviours – avoid aggressive or passive ones


100% Money Back Guarantee 

If by the end of the work you feel your knowledge about how to deal with difficult people has not improved, I will refund your money in full. All I ask is that you return the workshop materials.


Where’s the venue?

St John’s Innovation Centre – Milton Road, Cambridge

What time and date?

9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. or 1.30 – 5.00pm on Wednesday 24th March  

9 a.m. – 12.30 or 1.30 – 5 pm on Wednesday 14th April

So what is your investment to attend?

Because I feel strongly about sharing the tools to create win-win relationships, you can secure your seat for just £147 + VAT

Early bird price of £107 + VAT, if you book before Wednesday 17th March.

You can bring an additional team member from your business (or a guest who is not on my mailing list – perhaps that difficult person J) for £97 + VAT per person.

Places are limited to 4 per session so hurry and book yours!


How do I book?

Call Madeleine Morgan on 01223 426392 or email to confirm your booking or find out more.


“Thanks for making it so useful, informative and lively.” Vicky Faupel, Cambridge Network

“Madeleine is an exceptional coach and trainer.

Over the years, I have received coaching from some of the biggest names in business and personal development. In my estimation she is up there with the big boys.”

Ben Green, Marketing Manager

“I found the workshop very interesting and motivational. I’ve got more tools to create something better than compromise or win-lose situations. I can create win-win outcomes.”

Justine Fairweather, Credit Controller, UK Fixings


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