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Building Self Confidence Through Coaching

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p>Thinking about the Winter Olympics and the opening ceremony again. One of the things that made it so uplifting was that it was designed for the audience to participate - physically (beating drums), visually (with costumes and lights) and sound-wise (with cheers and clapping etc). Sometimes sporting events seem to be just about winning and the audience can feel like a bunch of under-achievers compared to the best of the best. The opening ceremony showed that everyone can make a valuable contribution to the Olympic spirit by giving their enthusiasm and willingness to participate with their own particular gifts. That builds self-confidence.

Remember too that those athletes reached the pinnacle with the help of their coaches. It's their coaches who help them develop the winning mindset, keep the athletes motivated when they want to give up and show them the shortcuts to success. More and more people in all walks of life are experiencing the value that a life, career or business coach bring to help people create more rewarding lives. A coach can help you make life a humane race rather than a rat race.

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The Winter Olympics and Building Self-Confidence

I was watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on the TV this weekend. The commentators were comparing it to the Olympic Games in China and saying how much better it was to have fewer performers. What I thought was more important to notice was the celebration of the diverse cultures that make Canada such a great country to live in. Where there is acceptance and appreciation it creates an atmosphere which can bring out the best in us all.

How is this relevant to building individual self-confidence? Well, what are things about you that you find hard to accept? Could they be considered strengths by others? What goes around comes around. What could you be more accepting of in others and appreciate as a strength that would create an atmosphere where they would be more willing to see the strengths in you.

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Can Positive Thinking Really Build Confidence?

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p>When I first saw this headline mentioned on the BBC in a round up of the newspapers, I was taken aback. My first thought was, if you think that won't work, try negative thinking! In my experience it holds true that, 'If you think you can or you think you can't, you'll probably prove yourself right'. Now, I have to confess that I don't know what the article said, but it did get me thinking.

Now, I agree that if all we do is force positive thoughts on our minds we are likely to encounter inner resistance, especially if we say them in an unconvincing inner tone. This is because our belief system will rebel if it's not aligned with the positive thought. So, for positive thoughts or affirmations to have a chance we need to work with our belief system.

I also agree that positive thoughts need to be backed up by positive action.

I believe what is even more effective is 'Resourceful Thought'. By that I mean that if you come up against a difficulty or obstacle you train yourself to ask 'Resourceful Questions'. These questions could be, 'What do I want instead of this?' and 'How can I get the result I want?. The brain is a question answering machine. Those questions tap into the brain's resources in a positive way and sooner or later it's going to come up with some helpful suggestions. There are loads of other resourceful questions and ways of creating Resourceful Thoughts.

One way to build up your power to strengthen your resourceful thinking is to work with a coach. Because coaches are objective while being supportive they are not caught up in the emotion and funnel vision we experience when we face challenges. So, they are able to take the conversation with you in resourceful directions.

The directory of life coaches and will help you find a coach near you. The Life Coach Directory only allows qualified and insured coaches to have a place on their website.

Also check out my website at for coaching on self-esteem, relationship, career, confidence and presenting.

Positive thinking can be helpful. Resourceful thinking is even more powerful in helping us to create the happier, healthier and wealthier lives we really want.


Dealing with Difficult People

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p>A topic that I'm constantly being asked to coach and train people about is how to deal with difficult people. If you think you need more ideas, skills and knowledge in this area, the workshop details below might interest you.

Is Dealing with Difficult People Stealing Your Time and Energy and Even Your Wealth?


Then this “Dealing with Difficult People Made Easier” workshop is designed for you


Discover how to stop these people being a continual drain that’s holding back your business, professional or personal life.

Take away tools and strategies that will help you:

  • get the best out of your team and your colleagues
  • improve client relationships,
  • make selling easier
  • make your personal life a joy
  • and your career or business more rewarding


Among many other things you’ll discover how to:

  • § Recognise classic types of difficult people and strategies for handling them
  • § Resolve conflict and create win-win outcomes
  • § Prepare for challenging situations and avoid escalating them further
  • § Develop rapport quickly and easily
  • § Deliver difficult feedback confidently and skilfully
  • § Read special clues in the body language, voice tones and words people use
  • § Learn assertive skills and behaviours – avoid aggressive or passive ones


100% Money Back Guarantee 

If at the end of this 3½ hour workshop you tell me that you are not convinced the techniques you have been shown will improve your ability to deal with difficult people I will refund your money in full. All I ask is that you return the workshop materials.


Where’s the venue?

St John’s Innovation Centre - Cambridge UK

What time and date?

9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. on Wednesday 24th February. The 3½ hour slot is short enough to give you a manageable amount to go away and use.


So what is your investment to attend?

Because I feel strongly about sharing the tools to create win-win relationships, you can secure your seat for just £107 + VAT

I’m offering an early bird price of £87 + VAT, if you book before Wednesday 10th February.

…you can bring an additional team member from your business (or a guest who is not on my mailing list – perhaps that difficult person !) for £77 + VAT per person.

 Limited places available so hurry and book yours!

Call Madeleine Morgan on 01223 426392 or email to confirm your booking or find out more.

“Thanks for making it so informative and lively.” Vicky Faupel, Cambridge Network


Confidence Building

We all experience times when we need more confidence.

Often it's when we've got bored with our comfort zone or lack of comfort in a situation. Then we feel the need to try something new such as meet new people, go for a new job, say what's on our mind and other things that take us out of our comfort zone.

As soon as we take that step, our emotions let us know that we can't be sure what will happen and we're in danger of  making a mistake. We feel the need to procrastinate but we can't because we'll get bored or miss out.

So what can we do?

One thing to do is to learn something that will help us handle a new situation in a successful way. Often a feeling of lack of confidence is actually a signal to get more information and skills. For instance, learn how to write a interview-winning CV. Find out how to handle difficult people, etc.

For more tips on building self-confidence please go to my website and sign up for my free ebook.

If you'd like to know more about how to deal with difficult people, the workshop in the next post may interest you.

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